Various Artists
“Succession Sounds – Vol I”

Release Info
PPM63.5. Edition of 100. Multi colored covers. Clear c64 Cassettes.

The next thing, coming along rapidly, worlds internet-ed, it sounds and feels so physical. True.

A Dj who plays vinyl records
A visual artist who prints oversized Zerox prints of drawings to sell a new publication
A Cuban from The Mojave Desert who lip-syncs her own songs with elaborate lights and a smoke machine
A projector plays videos made on a flip phone at work
A performance artist pushing a doughnut across a string
An Experimental musician trying something new
An Experimental musician who has never played live before who has 200 followers and a Soundcloud

SUCCESSION in Studio City (The San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles). A monthly meetup of people who make music, who play music, who show films, make objects, who drink, or don't drink, who are curious experimenters, and flaneurs carefully curated and placed together by Dean Spunt for maximum enjoyment and confusion.

A compilation of songs collects this group together in physical space for your ears.

1.Beat Detectives - 200 Percent
2.Cate Kennan - Thielsen
3.Dyani - Airborne Pt. II
4.CMON - Crazy Joke
5.Roller - Bribery
6.Martine Syms - Aunt Sister Demo
7.Miaux- Hullabaloo (SSSpunt Mix)
8.Sun Araw + Mitchell Brown - Live at Serra's

Sample Track